DataSelf Analytics

Your team invests a lot of time ensuring accurate data is input into your Sage 100 and other systems. But are you taking full advantage of that information to help you make data-driven business decisions?

DataSelf Analytics is a powerful reporting tool that puts all of your data at your fingertips to make better decisions. ​You can consider what-if scenarios and slice and dice your data anytime and anywhere. Want to know what your sales volume was​ last year? Who your top 10 customers were in Q4? Simply type the question into DataSelf in plain English for instant accurate results (as if you were doing a Google search). ​DataSelf can also combine all of your data silos for a complete 360 degree view of your business. ​

By leveraging data warehousing, Tableau, Power BI, natural language query, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and a rich set of dashboards, DataSelf takes the guesswork out of your decision-making.

Success Story

Cottage Gardens, Inc. is a wholesale nursery with more than 1500 polyhouses stretched across 750 acres in Ohio and Michigan. They provide more than 200 varieties of retail-ready plants to garden centers and large retail and home and garden improvement customers. These plants are custom tagged, and can be unloaded, un-sleeved, and sold directly to the end-customer, resulting in quick turnover and profits for the retailer.

DataSelf Resources

Advanced Analytics and Enterprise Analytics are robust data warehousing and analytic solutions offered by DataSelf. By providing cloud, hybrid and on-premise deployment options, the choice is truly based upon the customer’s needs.


  • Natural Language Query
  • Highly Interactive
  • Consolidate Data Sources
  • 5,000+ Canned Reports and Dashboards
  • High Performance
  • Easy to Customize




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