Mobile Shop Floor

Manufacturing 100 from Scanco eliminates manual tasks and increases efficiency in your facility by using a mobile device to collect your manufacturing tasks. When you or one of your team members spend time writing something down, it is time consuming and you run the risk of an error being made. Eliminate the risk of errors by introducing mobile scanning and automation instead. Manufacturing100 from Scanco gives you real-time access to error-free information and is seamlessly integrated to Sage Production Management and Operation Management.

Modern manufacturers of all sizes are being called on to compete in the same global marketplace. Consumer expectations have changed, and the age of online ordering means buyers expect an exceptionally fast turnaround on orders. You may be looking at shorter production deadlines and tighter margins to stay in business.

The news is not all about business challenges, however. When you add barcode scanners and manufacturing software from Scanco to your shop floor, you gain the advantage of being able to ship orders more quickly. You will be able to get more jobs completed in less time and customer satisfaction rates will improve.

The best part is that you will be able to see the benefits of implementing Manufacturing 100 from Scanco quickly. It’s what we call a good Return on Investment.