EDI integration with your Sage 100 business management system makes it simple and affordable to comply with trading partners’ EDI requirements. Integrated EDI also increases automation across key supply chain activities like order processing, while reducing time-consuming manual effort and associated errors and costly chargebacks from customers.

TrueCommerce offers Sage 100 users a comprehensive integration that supports sales order, purchase order, shipment and invoice (3PL) and receipt-of-goods transactions—to drive improved productivity, business efficiency and supply chain visibility.

TrueCommerce EDI for Sage 100 leverages the native Sage Business Objects interface for optimal performance and scalability and is easy to deploy and maintain. To further ensure that your business is more connected, more supported and more prepared for what’s next, we provide free, unlimited, US-based support and updates to trading partner maps, with no burdensome network or maintenance charges and no annual contract.

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Cottage Gardens, Inc. is a wholesale nursery with more than 1500 polyhouses stretched across 750 acres in Ohio and Michigan. They provide more than 200 varieties of retail-ready plants to garden centers and large retail and home and garden improvement customers. These plants are custom tagged, and can be unloaded, un-sleeved, and sold directly to the end-customer, resulting in quick turnover and profits for the retailer. Read more…